Name the Telluride Housing Projects!

The San Miguel Regional Housing Authority is hosting a contest to name the deed restricted affordable housing projects!


The construction of Lot B and SMPA are under way. While we are all excited for these projects to be completed, let’s give them a name!!!



  1. No foul language, please keep suggestions appropriate.
  2. Contestants understand in order to participate, they must be able to physically accept the prizes.
  3. A prize will be awarded to each winner per housing project (1 for SMPA, 1 for Lot B).
  4. June 4, 2019, will be the last day for entries.
  5. The winner selected for each project will receive a TS&G  lift ticket & $50 gift card from La Cocina de Luz.
  6. Everyone can enter, no age limits or employment restrictions.


Click the link below to enter!

Enter The Contest Now!