2023 Deed Restricted Compliance

SMRHA will be conducting Compliance for San Miguel County and Town of Telluride in 2023. In an effort to ensure that Deed Restricted properties are housing the local workforce as intended, SMRHA initiates Compliance Checks biennially or upon request. Should you have any concerns regarding the upcoming Compliance Check, contacting SMRHA staff immediately is advised. By contacting SMRHA, you may have time to cure any violations before issuance of a Notice of Violation. For Compliance questions, please contact SMRHA Manager Courtney McEleney at 970-728-3034 ext. 4 or courtney@smrha.org.

2023 Tentative Compliance Check Schedule (Subject to Change)  

San Miguel County – Spring

Town of Telluride – Fall

Please check back for updates and forms soon.

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