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Looking to buy

Leah K.

Long time local, pre approved, looking to buy a 1-2 bedroom. Flexible as I currently have stable housing but would like to buy.

Angala J.

I am looking for a 2 bedroom 1 bath home to rent! My roommate and I both have great rental history! We will be working for the telluride ski resort come September, but there sadly the resort has no more employee housing and we are struggling to find rental properties in the region!

Palma T.

Looking to Buy or Rent near Telluride/MV/Lawson etc.

Harrison C

Looking to Buy or Rent near Telluride.

Shayni S

Interested in buying or renting 2 bd home in Telluride, Lawson, or Mtn Village.

Looking to Rent

Lauren T.

I am an employee for the Town of Mountain Village and I am looking to rent (or potentially buy) a 1-2 bed property. I plan on being here long term and would love a place with a bit more room for me and my 2 cats. Anywhere in the MV/Telluride/Lawson reagion would be ideal!

Hannah K.

1 – 2 bedroom in Telluride or Mountain Village.

Grayson F.

1 – 2 bedroom in Telluride or Mountain Village.

Mary W.

I am looking to rent 1 – 2 bedroom.

Natasha N.

I am looking to rent.

Greg M.

I’m a math teacher at the high school and the home we are renting is not available for renewal. Would like to buy or rent a 2 bedroom but would sure be okay with a one-bedroom.

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